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At GenexCorp, course is being designed to accelerate your career and for those companies who indeed trying to create a team of own in the arena of in-Memory analytics.

QlikView Designer & Developer course are the mixture of demonstrations and hands on exercises of the many QlikView components. Topics covered in this course, include fundamental user interface layout and design best practices. QlikView Designer course focuses on QlikView application, objects such as sheets, list-boxes and charts, working with scripts, best practices, loading data, deploying QlikView applications, integration with Google cluster Maps, use of extension objects.

Pre requisites for Designer & Developer:

Organization having people on-board to change the technology platform / wanted to maintain in-house QlikView Application, having prior experience in SQL / Database Knowledge / Data Warehousing knowledge; this program is best fit for them.


How we conduct training:

Onsite at a stretch of 5 Days for Designer & Developer Technical, Fundamental and Business Oriented case study based training schedule, which will cover your choice of Business Cases with hand on Exercise which leads to create most of the common day to day functions available inside your application for future reference.


Pre requisites for Administrator:

Prior Experience of Windows Environment, concept of windows error handler, and experience of Database clustering will be an added advantage.



India, USA, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, UAE, South Africa, Kuwait, Bahrain


Course Fee

Web Class Classroom Courses
$800 per person $1500 for batch of 5,
$2500 for batch of 10
*To avail discount contact sales team

Classes Starting Dates

Book Your Slot Now Status
Virtual Class 16th Jan, 2021 24th Jan, 2021 Open
Virtual Class 02nd Mar, 2021 10th Mar, 2021 Open
Classroom Training 25th Mar, 2021 30th Mar, 2021 Open
Classroom Training 01st June, 2021 05th June, 2021 Open
*Please talk to sales team for terms and condtions

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