How we conduct training

Onsite at a stretch of 5 Days for Designer & Developer Technical, Fundamental and Business Oriented case study based training schedule


Hire a consultant

Everyone that is part of Genexcorp is passionate about how IT can help transform your business, which is why we work the way we do and why we are so successful at what we do


Build your career in analytics

People who are having hands on experience in any technology .NET, JAVA, Any database, SQL can take this course. online composite 50 hours classroom training, including Practical Business cases


Since we understand your delivery, your participants will be ready to take any challenge in Analytics within few days after training, with the curriculum we created, for experienced BI guys and relatively new one to understand.

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Trainings / Internships

Nobody would believe what is called need based training approach unless experienced. If you are really looking to take your career into BI and Analytics, this is the right place for you to get adopted with the foundational understanding.

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Leadership with Passion for Analytics –We change the way Organizations looks at their Business. With the ever growing need of Comprehensive Business Intelligence, organizations need to have talent which is cost effective. We are the one of those rare, who can solve analytic issues.

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Product Development

Do you feel the HEAT from continuous change in Business Blueprint & Reporting? In the current dynamic digital environment, where opinions / needs keep changing, are you doing enough with right approach, for your Business to take inform decision? Are you aware that these days BI approach is “AGILE”. Walk-in to see how we can help.

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  • Provides self-service business intelligence for informed, innovative decisions
  • Allows user to explore and create new associations in business data
  • Combines data from multiple sources into a single, usable, mouldable piece
  • Offers complete analysis through ERP, CRM, data warehouses and more
  • Promotes collaboration with colleagues for improved decision-making
  • Compresses data to save infrastructure resource
  • No use of Data base, it’s a complete ETL tool with power of creating central repository in its proprietary database
  • Role based security, AD based security enhance the distributed use
  • Email Distribution and PDF publishing can be handled by QV Publisher, PDF Distributor and N-Printing solution
  • Embedded Map object enhance the capability of viewing

Be a pioneer by 2017

Over the past several years, the BI platform market has grown largely through companies investing in IT-led consolidation projects to standardize IT-centric BI platforms for large-scale systems of record. These have tended to be highly governed and centralized, where IT production reports were pushed out to managers and knowledge workers. Gartner predicts that going forward, companies will shift their future investment away from IT-developed reporting solutions toward business-user-led analysis solutions. IT will focus most of its effort on data modeling and governance. As a result, data discovery will displace IT-authored static reporting as the dominant BI and analytics user interaction paradigm for new implementations by 2015.

-Ref Gartner article dated December 16, 2013 Readmore »

Data discovery is the new normal, but where do we go from here?

Smart data discovery has the potential to expand access to sophisticated interactive analysis and insights to business consumers and nontraditional BI users — the approximately 70 percent of users in organizations that currently do not use BI tools or have statistical backgrounds," said Ms. Sallam. "New approaches have the potential to transform how and which users can derive insights from data discovery tools. The potential business benefit will lead to a shift resulting in smart data discovery becoming standard features of most data discovery platforms.

-Ref Gartner article dated January 27, 2015 Readmore »